The VOLTAGE eRIDE takes the world's best trail bike to another level altogether.

At just 18kg, it gets a lightweight motor that makes climbing to your favourite descents as much fun as riding down them.


Available in a selection of 3 models to suit everyone's desires and budget. Choose between the SRAM AXS model with electronic shifting wired directly into the bike's power or the more budget friendly 920, you will still enjoy the lightweight carbon frame with 160mm/155mm (150mm/155mm on the 920) travel with the lowest centre of gravity.


The new Voltage applies Scott's patented Integrated Suspension Technology. This allows us to optimise the bike’s suspension performance by engineering frames with a lower center of gravity, resulting in better handling and a more stable, confidence- inspiring ride for the end which reduces unnecessary movements laterally to the direction of the shock’s travel. It goes without saying that the shock is also protected from debris and the elements, two of the main enemies when it comes to shock performance.


The Voltage features a 360Wh internal battery which can be further complemented by a 160Wh external range extender. Easily fixed to the seat tube water bottle mount with our unique SCOTT designed quick release mount, the range extender features a slim design and low weight, meaning minimal impact on the bike’s handling. Thanks to TQ’s electronic expertise, the HPR50 battery, when combined with the range extender, guarantees maximum performance and range. Unlike most full suspension E-Bikes, on the Voltage there is no need to choose between the range extender or a water bottle - between longer rides and staying hydrated. Thanks to the integrated shock there is space for both an external battery and water. An optional sliding mount system makes for an easy switch between the rear water bottle and the range extender, allowing either to easily be transported when out on longer rides. The system can be charged with the range extender in place, prioritizing the bike battery’s charge first so you’ll never be caught short when heading out to ride. The charge time is fast too, with the main battery capable of reaching 80% in two hours of charging.


The system can be controlled via a minimalistic handlebar remote wired to the integrated top tube display. The modes are easy to switch through, and, thanks to the ergonomic placement on the handlebar, can be easily controlled whilst riding, as well as when using Walk Mode. It’s easy to connect, customize and control your TQ-powered e-bike with the TQ E-Bike app. With the app, you can tune your drive unit to suit your preferences to either save battery life or maximise power output. You can alter the pedal response either for a faster motor uptake response, or to slow it down for a more natural feeling. Lastly you can customize the display, altering the number of screens available, turn on trial information for when you and your E-Bike are on the go so you can ride more and enjoy the moment.